Healthy is a Rough Road
I'm just a girl attempting to make my life a little better

Lately all I’ve been eating are smoothies, salads, and sandwiches. Something about summer makes me want to keep things dead simple and no-bake. (Maybe it’s the no air conditioning and greenhouse-like kitchen? I insisted on big windows, I only have myself to blame.)
This is one of my go-to sandwiches because it comes together in a snap. Don’t be tempted to compare this to its meat-based counterpart, they’re not the same but they have similar profiles: smoky crispy protein with crunchy greens, soft flavorful tomatoes, and creamy cool avocado. It’s a perfect combination that takes barely any effort, a win-win in my sunny kitchen!
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my new mantra.

Cucumber noodles with mango cilantro sauce and cherry tomatoes :)

Let’s get a few things straight here.

Recovery never was, is, or will be a fast, joy-ride quickly “fixing” you.

Recovery never was, is, or will be a fun time.

Recovery never was, is, or will be just a time of oatmeal, peanut butter, yoga, being healthy, creating artistic masterpieces for food, and completing challenges.

Recovery never was, is or will be all laughs, smiles, optimism, sunshine, sparkles, happiness, hugs, and love.

Recovery never was, is, or will be only about food, weight, scales, calories, and meal plans.

Recovery never was, is, or will be just an easy adventure regaining your life, happiness, and health.

Recovery is hard, really hard.

Recovery is not quick, it may be faster for some, but it will not happen in a day, it’s a journey.

Recovery is a time where it’s okay to struggle, to feel your emotions, to cry, to feel out of control, to get frustrated, to feel sick. And it’s also okay to not.

But don’t think recovery is a fun, wonderful adventure where we all go eat healthy foods and send eachother sweet messages.

It’s not that simple and the ones who still fight against this disease, you are very strong and brave.

Because recovery never is, was, or will be as simple as checking yourself into treatment and being fixed in a month.

Recovery always was, is, and will be extremely hard, but it always was, is, and will be extremely worth it.



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I need this so hard right now.

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I think of this every time I go out for a run.

this has got to be my favorite commercial of all time.